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The Gobi Desert: wildlife, history, tours, pictures, attractions, camel riding.

The vast, bleak expanses of the Gobi Desert somehow get a hold of people. Silk Road traders and merchants were forced to cross it in preference of the high Tibetan plateau; missionaries, romantics, and adventurers have always followed them.

The Gobi desert contains high sand-dunes, rocky hills, gorges and canyons. These places form the 'sights' of the desert, but the majority of it -and the part you'll remember most- is flat, rocky nothingness. Those from Australia and the United States might be familiar with such vastness, but even for them the Gobi can be an unforgettable experience.
Driving across the smooth dirt tracks, you soon get a feel for the desert, and begin to notice the subtle changes in the geology and vegetation that occur every few kilometers.
Mongolians have managed to eke out a precarious living herding on the dry plains. Yurts punctuate the plains now and again, and you'll undoubtedly get the opportunity to visit one, share some tea, and see how these amazing people survive out here.