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The Machame route, known for reasons nobody seems to know, as the "Whiskey" route, is now the most popular route on the mountain. Its popularity reflects the high success rate achieved on this route and the fact that it can be climbed in 6 to 7 days.
The approach to the Machame route is from the southwest of Kilimanjaro. The route ascends up through the jungle to Shira Camp and then traverses south towards Barranco via Lava Tower. From there you climb up the Great Barranco Wall before arriving in base camp at Barafu. The final climb is via Stella Point and the descent is on the Mweka route.
Although the Machame route can be climbed over 6 days we recommend taking 7 days. The extra day makes a huge difference to the success rate as it improves acclimatization and allows you two easier days before you tackle your long summit night.