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Gobi Attration

We would like to express our warmest welcome to all of you for joining us. Hope that you will enjoy the days and nights that traveling with our team!

We are at "Mongolian Gobi Attractions" create customized Tours that suit your requirements and interests. Doesn’t matter if you are alone traveller wishing to travel safely and meet new people, or small group of friends, we will take you anywhere you wish to go.
Our tours are available all over the year. Our tours can be modified according to your needs and requirements.
Join us in our Mongolian Gobi Attraction Tours to discover the boundless vast steppes of Great Chinggis Khaan; alpine region bordering the forests of Siberia; Crystal watered Lake Huvsgul; snow-capped Altai Mountains; home of dinosaurs-Gobi desert, the ancient capital of Great Mongol Empire; customs of nomadic life; And the millions stars. We will help you to spend one of the most amazing holiday experiences you will ever have.


Tours to Gobi

The Gobi Desert: wildlife, history, tours, pictures, attractions, camel riding.

The vast, bleak expanses of the Gobi Desert somehow get a hold of people. Silk Road traders and merchants were forced to cross it in preference of the high Tibetan plateau; missionaries, romantics, and adventurers hav
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